Get that one-on-one attention that you and your artwork deserve.  Book a time for us to chat about anything and everything you need advice with regarding your art.  Most people start by sending me up to 5 images via at least 3 days before our scheduled consultation. We will meet using either Skype or Messenger, whichever you prefer.  In addition, if these online channels are not the best fit for you we can use email and speak over the phone.  I can email during and after the conversation as well, to allow for reinforcement of what we discussed.  IN the end, I just want to help you gain confidence and freedom in your artistic expression.  


Re: whichever online audio/visual site you choose - Please download and test your account with a friend before meeting. (hint-allow for pop-up's, audio and video in your computer settings, on a MAC this doesn't take you through it step by step so go into computer settings and allow.)


Once you have paid for the consultation I will receive notification and email you the scheduling link with a variety of dates and times I am available.  If none of those work, never fear, just email me and we can work it out that way.


I'm excited to join you on your art journey.

Art Consultation - 30 minute session

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