Artistic Rendering of the Reno Whale

Downtown Reno

City Plaza 10 North Virginia Street

$15 - bring your own supplies

Tuesday, July 7th

9:30 to 12pm


Explore various angles and enjoy interpreting the exciting colors in one of Reno’s coolest statues.  You can use your own art supplies (all media welcome) or borrow some of mine - watercolor, pastel, graphite or pen & ink.  Supplies are limited so be sure to get there on time. 


Dana Childs seeks to inspire painters as well as inform and encourage them.  She works to gently encourage them, while offering constructive suggestions based upon solid technique and artistic concepts.  Childs loose and interpretive style is infectious and will spark the artist within you.  She has developed a strong sense for reading her students after 20+ years of teaching watercolor painting and other forms of media.  You can learn more and view her art, or get the supply list at 


Supply list available at

Artistic Rendering of the Reno Space Whale

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