Kick up your Heels Watercolor Workshop

Thursday, June 10, 2021

$45 or $37 if you have your own supplies

(rental supplies & paper $8 if you'd like just email your request to Dana at



Celebrate in style by creating your very own watercolor Cowboy Festival Boot featuring a Lamoile Canyon Landscape in this fast, fun and loose watercolor workshop with professional visiting Artist Dana Childs.


Dana Childs seeks to inspire painters as well as inform and encourage them.  She works to gently encourage them, while offering constructive suggestions based upon solid technique and artistic concepts.  Childs loose and interpretive style is infectious and will spark the artist within you.  She has developed a strong sense for reading her students after 20+ years of teaching watercolor painting and other forms of media.  You can learn more and view her art, and get the supply list at 


Here's the suggested supply list:


d’Lauren Fine Arts Watercolor Supply List 

Dana Childs * *  *  530-306-2379



Most of these can be found locally in Reno at Nevada Fine Arts


Preferred palette is Frank Web  -- if you want to use a white ceramic dinner plate that works as well.  Small palettes are problematic, but come in handy for in the field or backpacking, etc.

For plein aire or art hikes try to find a smaller palette that folds, and has a thumb hole in it for holding.  Or you can use a foam disposable plate and cover with saran wrap.


Paints – tubed watercolors  

(Grumbacher, Academy, Daniel Smith, Holbein or Windsor Newton’s Finest is preferred)


Permanent Rose (or Alizarin Crimson)

Ultramarine Blue

Antwerp Blue (substitute = Prussian Blue)

Raw Sienna

Burnt Umber

Cadmium Yellow or New Gamboge (open it and make sure it's a bright yellow first, I use Daniel Smith of Van Gogh)


Brushes:  1-inch square sable or sabelette, #8 round sable or sabelette (and a #4 round if you are into detail)


140 lb cold press paper (prefer Arches, other’s ok.  Canson & Fabriano student grade is ok-I would avoid other brands personally)


Two water buckets (one large and one yogurt sized)


1 flat household sponge — (no soap)        pencils, kneaded  or Mars eraser


paper towels and tissue 


Palette rental and medium paper (student grade) available for $8






Boot Scootin' Watercolor Workshop June 10