Pink House

Gourmet Luncheon and Watercolor Class

Flowing Iris

Thursday 5/13   11-1:30


Artist, Dana Childs guides you through the creation of a flowing Iris watercolor, or guide you in your own choice of flower while you enjoy an amazing gourmet lunch in an idealic setting.  Along the way you will experience to fluid nature of watercolor and learn about some of the foundational techniques that help you feel successful with this elusive medium.  Enjoy the wonders of watercolor as professional artist,  Dana Childs, aka d’Lauren teaches you how to create impressionistic watercolor effects.  Childs has been painting watercolors professionally for over two decades.  In addition to this class, she will be offering an array of painting classes here,  all with a focus on technique and expressiveness.  All levels welcome, but this class is ideal for the beginner.  To learn more about the art and artist, visit 


To get a supply list,ask questions or register email Dana at


This is good for everyone from beginners to advanced.  If you're more advanced feel free to paint your own version of a flower.


For online instruction opportunites go to

Free Flowing Florals@the Pink House May13

  • A full refund is available with 72 hours notice. Contact me at tfa.create to request a refund.