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Northern Nevada & California

Owner ~ Dana Childs

Recharge and Relax Women’s Art Retreat

Zephyr Cove, Nevada

July 16-20, 2020


Daytripper Option


(Bring $10 extra on Sat to cover lunch)


It’s time to treat yourself to a relaxing art experience and join us at our women’s art retreat and get-away.  Combining her passion for the Sierra Nevada wilderness and her love of painting, art instructor and professional watercolorist, Dana Childs is organizing this retreat along with award-winning painter, Maggie Stillwell, who is hosting it at her cabin which is walking distance from Zephyr Cove.  Artists may choose to participate in several outings, or hang back at the cabin and paint.   Relaxing music will aide in setting the tone throughout the weekend.  The whole idea is to do whatever will make you the most relaxed and allow you to settle back into your own creative zone.  


Childs will be offering watercolor demonstrations the first three days with two as part of the en plein aire outings to Zephyr Cove and Cave Rock.  “Essentially what we do is trounce out into the wilderness (or the nearest beach…LOL) and paint our interpretation of the beauty that surrounds us,” says Childs.  “Inspiration is the key to all good painting, and getting outdoors and painting not only what we see, but merging that with how the space and experience makes us feel is key to creating excellent art.”  The urge to “unplug” is added by the low wifi signal at the cabin (a stronger one is walking distance away).


In addition, guests will enjoy a painting demo on Saturday as well by Award-Winning artist, Maggie Stillwell , who employs the use of mixed media to create a layered look and depth to paintings.  Her creations are often a combination of collage, spray paints, acrylics and markers.  


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Daytripper Recharge and Relax Women’s Art Retreat-Lake Tahoe