Lamoille Canyon

Plein Aire Workshop

July 11-12



July 11, 8am-2pm end of canyon road

3-5pm Regroup in town

July 12 8am-2pm ECAC Studio second day


Join professional artist and arts instructor, Dana Childs as she creates her own interpretation of Lamoile Canyon and offers guidance through the plein aire and finishing touches painting process. There are many angles and perspectives you can choose from in this exciting art experience. We will do a topal sketch (rough draft) while onsite and then transfer our work to create a final piece back in the studio.  All mediums welcome.  Questions?  Dana Childs 530-306-2379 or or Tess at ECAC at 775-753-8170

Lamoille Canyon Plein Aire Workshop

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Northern Nevada & California

Owner ~ Dana Childs