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2020 Schedule

d’Lauren Fine Arts

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New Fine Arts art Gallery coming to Carson Valley!

Art Gallery @ Prism

corner of HWy 395 & Buckeye inside Prism Photographics

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Use links below for most of the classes and...

Copper Cat Studio -

Neon Nevada Watercolor Class

Soul Searching - the art of expressive painting

See listing beneath other class links for more details, to see details or to register for these classes go to

Supply list is to your right on this page, and all or most of the supplies can be found at Nevada Fine Arts, Midtown, Reno


Cancelation Policy ~  a full refund is available with a 72-hour cancelation.  Email

with any questions or concerns.

Watercolor Supply List
Located at the bottom of this page.

CV19 Update -  Stay Safe and Healthy art family!  


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New Dana Childs YouTube Channel has free demos for you here:

I'm posting 2-3 new art videos a week on YouTube to help keep you entertained and painting!  Watch the video above & click on the "YouTube" at the bottom right to get to the rest of them.  

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Watercolor Wednesdays - WW are at Black Bear Diner, 900 Carson St, Carson City 4:15-5:45pm   $18

Work on compositions of your own choosing or follow along with a wide variety of demonstrations that explore technique, style design and composition.


Soul Searching

The Art of Expressive Painting

Watercolor and Mixed Media Class

March 28, 9am-2pm and March 29, 9am-1pm


Copper Cat Studio ~ Sparks


Do you get the feeling that it’s time to invent your own creations and compositions?  Or do you wish that your art could be more of a personal extension of yourself?  Well, this is the class for you.  It is designed to help you get in touch with your creative self and connect with subjects that inspire you.  The creative impulse is an elusive thing and most of us feel that it's so magical that it’s just out of our reach.  Dana will help you find ways to reach for it while still respecting your individual rhythm.  You may or may not leave with a masterpiece…it’s about the journey more than the final product.


Dana Childs seeks to inspire painters as well as inform and encourage them.  She works to gently encourage them, while offering constructive suggestions based upon solid technique and artistic concepts.  Childs loose and interpretive style is infectious and will spark the artist within you.  She has developed a strong sense for reading her students after 20+ years of teaching watercolor painting and other forms of media.  You can learn more and view her art at 


To register go to


Supply list is located at at the top right


Cancelation Policy ~  a full refund is available with a 72-hour cancelation. 

Call 530-306-2379 with any questions or concerns.



--------- Stay tuned for other Fall Workshops, Classes and Plein Aire Outings ------ 


How to Register for:

Copper Cat Studio classes go to

Supply list can be found at the top of this page, all supplies can be found at Nevada Fine Arts in Midtown, Reno.


Cancelation Policy ~  a full refund is available with a 72-hour cancelation.  Call 530-306-2379 with any questions or concerns.

d’Lauren Fine Arts Watercolor Supply List 

Dana Childs * *  *  530-306-2379



Most of these can be found locally in Reno at Nevada Fine Arts


Preferred palette is Frank Web  -- if you want to use a white ceramic dinner plate that works as well.  Small palettes are problematic, but come in handy for in the field or backpacking, etc.

For plein aire or art hikes try to find a smaller palette that folds, and has a thumb hole in it for holding.  Or you can use a foam disposable plate and cover with saran wrap.


Paints – tubed watercolors  

(Grumbacher, Academy, Daniel Smith, Holbein or Windsor Newton’s Finest is preferred)


Permanent Rose (or Alizeron Crimson)

Ultramarine Blue

Antwerp Blue (sub = Prussian Blue)

Raw Sienna

Burnt Umber

Cadmium Yellow or New Gambouge (open it and make sure it's a bright yellow first, I use Daniel Smith of Van Gogh)


Brushes:  1-inch square sable or sablette, #8 round sable or sablette (and a #4 round if you are into detail)


140 lb cold press paper (prefer Arches, other’s ok.  Canson & Fabriano student grade is ok-I would avoid other brands personally)


Two water buckets (one large and one yogurt sized)


1 flat household sponge – (no soap)        pencils, kneaded  or Mars eraser


paper towels and tissue 


Palette rental and medium paper (student grade) available for $8



For  Plein Aire outtings bring :

Polarizing sunglasses, beach or camping chairs, flat surface to paint on (clipboards, large or small or plywood work well), your own gallon of water, food to nosh, drinks, sunscreen, etc.  Anything you would need for a day at the beach type supplies.